Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Thirty-Self Portrait

Since two very large mosquito bites are currently residing on the better half of my forehead I decided to think of some small part of myself that might express how I feel. I have been exhausted since our first attempt at returning home and I have not been able to catch up, let alone unpack.

One thing I do when I'm tired is I pull my hair down from whatever "style" I am sporting and mess it around with my fingers before tossing it up into a messy bun on top of my head. I usually repeat steps two and three until I go to bed. I tend to do the same thing when I'm writing regardless of whether I have caffeinated myself into oblivion.

Hey, whadda-ya know! I do concur it's day thirty! That's all folks!

Day thirty of what?
Day One: Selfie
Day Two: What I Wore
Day Three: Clouds
Day Four: Something Green
Day Seven: Fruit 
Day Eight: A Bad Habit
Day Nine: Someone You Love
Day Ten: Childhood Memory 
Day Eleven: Something Blue 
Day Twelve: Sunset  
Day Thirteen: Myself with 13 Things
Day Fourteen: Eyes
Day Fifteen: Silouette
Day Sixteen: Long Exposure
Day Seventeen: Technology 
Day Eighteen: My Shoes 
Day Nineteen: Something Orange
Day Twenty: Bokeh
Day Twenty-One: Faceless Portrait
Day Twenty-Two: Hands
Day Twenty-Three: Sun Flare
Day Twenty-Four: Animal
Day Twenty-Five: Something Pink
Day Twenty-Six: Close Up
Day Twenty-Seven: From a Distance

Day Twenty-Eight: Flowers

Day Twenty-Nine: Black & White

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