Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day Twelve-Sunset

Late post today. I will tell you I have been in slow motion all day so it's no surprise I'm barely getting this is in by midnight. Yesterday after work I went to a friend's house to catch up at about 7. The sun was still up and shining so I decided I would eat something and go for a stroll once it started getting golden outside. But, instead, I got carried away catching up and next thing I know I look out the window and it's totally dark. Fail.

So today I did my day thirteen assignment and kept in the back of my mind that I could not miss another sunset. It was foggy all day over here in the Sunset and after I ran some errands I thought if there was any hope of seeing the sun I would have to go across town. I hopped on the freeway towards downtown ready to stop wherever it was peaking through. No such luck, the entire city was covered in a thick blanket of low, gray fog. So I decided to go somewhere high as fast as possible before any more light fell off.

Here is a summer evening in San Francisco. I'm sure there were lots of shivering tourists today. They always pack way too optimistically and then end up buying all those SF jackets and fleeces, you know the ones I'm talking about if you live here or if you have ever been to Fisherman's Wharf. They all have a SF patch with a Golden Gate Bridge on one side of the zipper. As if a fanny pack doesn't give away the fact that you're a tourist fast enough.

To add to my aforementioned fail, I get home to find that the fog above the ocean had blown away, which probably made for a great photo opt. (Deep, cleansing, patience-inducing breath. Trying not to be bitter.) Que sera, sera.

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