Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Always Finish What You...

Since moving into my apartment I have started lots of projects. Problem is, I haven't finished lots of those projects and they are cast about wherever they can go without being a direct threat to my tendency to trip and face plant. These projects include furniture and other items I acquired with the intention of making them over-- as in they are currently ugly (I'm looking at you craigslist nightstands).

Below is a great example. This is a table-lamp that I found at Goodwill and painted. Well, I painted one coat November. It still has painters tape waiting for a second coat application. Behind said table to the right, you see a stack of frames I painted white to hang as a cluster. They are now in a box. And to the left in a bag next to my sewing machine is fabric that is now half a pillow and part of a pot holder.

The other day I realized other people do not share my vision when looking at all the random things I accumulate. I look at them and only see what I hope to make them look like one day. A few weeks ago I looked up from violently scrubbing away at an old chest that I found (almost three years ago now!) on the sidewalk in front of my townhouse near SFSU and saw Stephen staring at me blankly. I looked down at the chest and back at him. And then it hit me, "You have no idea why I've held on to this, do you?" Nope. He made one of those painful looking "I don't know what to say without making you mad" smiles.

A couple weekends ago after some rearranging in the living room some of my odds and ends made it into the hallway and that's when I realized I really need to get my problem under control-- I later took out my large watercolor paper pad and started another project. I've been wanting a large piece of art to go over my (soon-to-be) couch on our big brown wood wall (I know, the 70's live on) and decided I just needed to start sketching something.

Story. of. my. life.

I'll show you the finished product, if I still have a blog then.