Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Impressions of Chicago

Here are some photos from my first day in Chicago starting with these really cool pedal buildings. I took this after we got off the train from the airport, you, know, when we completely misunderestimated (thanks for the word, Bush) the distance from the train station to our hotel. This would be at 5am Pacific time, just so you get the whole picture. I was a hot mess, and that's a compliment to 5am-after-a-redeye Nicole.

 This was the lunch dessert I enjoyed during a break from shopping after my well-deserved nap.

And these were taken after my second nap when I ventured out to find dinner while Stephen was shooting photos with some skateboarders across town. I couldn't find anything for takeout that was reasonable price or time-wise. I walked to Due but they said the wait for a takeout pizza would be an hour and fifteen minutes. Uh, no. I'm already ordering a pizza by myself I don't need to hang out for an hour by myself waiting for it. So I ended up stumbling into another place called Giordano's which was a twenty-five minute wait and much close to our hotel. Win.

 I liked this quote carved into the old Tribune building.