Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Intentions

Anyone out their an MML reader? If you are not and you think you might enjoy some inspiration in your blog reader (I'm assuming everyone's blog reader is as essential a part of their day as mine is) you should definitely check out Jess' blog. "MML" stands for MakeUnder My Life, a term she coined to describe her goal of helping people design a life with intention, both personally and professionally. One of her methods for doing so is to set out intentions to design your life around. Here are my golden rules.

Illustration by Jessica Hische via Pinterest.

It's simple, it's important. Look at people in their eyes, say please and thank you to anybody who helps you (Insert pet peeve: People who are rude to servers. They are watching over your food. They have to deal with hungry people all day, do you realize how annoying people are when they are hungry? Yeah, so be nice.) Hold a door for an extra three seconds for the person behind you. Maybe I smile at strangers too much, so what? They smile back. Mostly.

Turkey chili with skim mozzarella and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Aside from my affinity for cheese  I tend to eat pretty healthily, and I want to keep going in the right direction by exploring more satiating foods that are also healthful. A year ago I had no idea what quinoa was and now I gladly would substitute it for rice. I have also learned about more spices which has been great for me because I love lots of flavors and spices open up a whole new world. I have learned a lot about cooking simply from trying new recipes and I have broadened the scope of what I consider "do-able." I definitely still love going to restaurants, but I have made a real effort to limit eating out for the weekends for both health and monetary reasons. It has definitely made me realize that taking a little extra time to make a meal for myself can be quite satisfying and you don't need to be a rock star chef to make something truly enjoyable.
Part two of this goal is fitness; I want to be an active person. I was very active in sports growing up and I have not been in as good of shape since. I know that's in the past and I'll never be 16 again, but I would definitely like to kick it up a notch from where I am now. Sitting at a desk for the majority of the day has not done great things for my fitness so I need to put in some extra effort to try and make up for that.

A drawing a started two weeks ago on a whim. 

 This is big for me. I didn't realize how important it is to me to be creative until a few months after I graduated last year. I had been so fully encompassed by photography classes and photographers and writers in the journalism department that when everything slowed down and I didn't have the same exposure, I felt like something was missing. Commute, desk, commute, gym, dinner, sleep, repeat began to feel so tiresome and deprived. Thank goodness for blogs as they have been one of my main sources to creative people and ideas. I have been doing projects around the house the feed my appetite for making things, and started this blog to share with people and help make myself accountable. The one thing I really want to push myself on is my photography. I want to take more photos so that I can improve my eye and instincts. At least a photo each day; no excuses.

 Natalie at Ocean Beach.

I tend to have a hard time bouncing back from ruined plans or getting myself going when I have settled on being lazy for the day. Okay, I'll just come out and say it: I'm stubborn. When I set my mind about something, it's done. I don't decide to do a lot of things on a whim, I usually like to think things over. I want to use more of my precious "free" accepting whatever random ideas I have or suggestions from others. I know, I know, you can't plan spontaneity; but can't a girl decide to be more open-minded?