Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Boat, a Pizza and a Bean

Here are photos from our second day. We went on an architecture boat tour, which was much better than I expected.

Then we went to get pizza. Stephen insisted we try something called "jardiniere" which is different vegetables marinated in olive oil and cooked into the pizza. He tried a jardiniere style pizza with meatballs the night before when he met up with some people to shoot photos and he really liked it. I was definitely interesting but I'm not sold on it. Ours did not have have meatballs and it had jalapenos, which I had mixed feelings about. To his credit, the one he had the night before sounded better than the one we had.

And the crust was really good, like, buttery, flaky pizza pie good. Actually, as I ate the crust I thought, this must be why people say pizza pie. It was like the savory sister of regular pie crust. As far as pizza goes, I still prefer to keep it simple. While I did like deep dish, my favorite pizza is still a nice, fresh margherita pizza. Can't beat it.

Take a look at that crust! I can almost taste it.

Then we found the bean. And we played with our cameras for a bit before walking around the rest of the park and eventually back to our hotel.