Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Twenty-Four-Animal

When I saw that the animal assignment fell on a day that I would be at my grandma's house I knew I wanted to make my Daisy the subject. She's pretty photogenic and kind of sits still, mostly because she likes the attention. Below are a couple more that I enjoy and wanted to share. Off to Sleeping Bear Dunes, have a good day!

Day One: Selfie
Day Two: What I Wore
Day Three: Clouds
Day Four: Something Green
Day Seven: Fruit 
Day Eight: A Bad Habit
Day Nine: Someone You Love
Day Ten: Childhood Memory 
Day Eleven: Something Blue 
Day Twelve: Sunset  
Day Thirteen: Myself with 13 Things
Day Fourteen: Eyes
Day Fifteen: Silouette
Day Sixteen: Long Exposure
Day Seventeen: Technology 
Day Eighteen: My Shoes 
Day Nineteen: Something Orange
Day Twenty: Bokeh
Day Twenty-One: Faceless Portrait

Day Twenty-Two: Hands

Day Twenty-Three: Sun Flare