Friday, November 2, 2012

Pancakes and Changes

I know it's been quiet around here, but it hasn't been for lack of thought. I have been busy, busy putting together a wedding photography website for Stephen and myself, where I started blogging about wedding photography this week. I have known for a while that this blog isn't really what I want it to be. There has been no specific focus, just whatever it is I have shot--kids, food, places, the mundane. But, one thing that has come from this blogging experience is that I happened to try on a hat that I really enjoy-- food blogging!

It's funny to me that a little over two years out of school and my two main photography focuses, weddings and food, are types of photography I didn't even consider an option then. We definitely didn't discuss wedding photography in the journalism department, and when we had a guest food photographer I was mildly but not overly enthused. I knew I wouldn't be the kind of news photographer that my courses were preparing me for, but nothing else stuck in my mind as a possibility. I was told enough times in classes that hardly anyone kept a staff photographer anymore and that jobs were scarce. I figured I would just work and figure out what I wanted to do.

Through the discovery of blogs, starting with wedding blogs and creeping over to the infinite black hole that is food blogs, I found myself thinking, "I could do this." And then could turned into want. So, moving forward, you will find me in two blogging venues: at 43rd Ave. Photography on Mondays and at my new blog, to be titled Salt v. Sweet, on Wednesdays. Thank you to everyone who read this blog. And I hope you will join me at 43rd Ave. when the time comes for you, and at Salt v. Sweet when you get hungry. I'm working on the new blog now and hope to have it up by the end of this year, depending on how fast these months go, which is usually quite fast. I will let everyone know when the new blog is up! Thanks!

If you made it this far and still don't know what the pancakes have to do with anything, well, they don't. They are just strategically placed pictures to break up the text-heavy post. I'm just gonna be honest.