Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day Sixteen-Long Exposure

I took this yesterday morning at 5am barely awake going from the terminal where we arrived to get our baggage. Yes, I realize this photo was supposed to be taken the day before and I took one the day before for this assignment but this opportunity and photo trumped the other so I'm breaking the rules. So the situation is this: the camera is sitting on the hand rail on one of those flat escalators and the sides of the hallway have all these colored panels and the ceiling has light rods that streams different colors through the long hallway. I was so tired and Stephen demanded I take out my camera and not miss the opportunity for a great picture he knew would be better than the one I took the night before; he was right (If you know me, that little fragment of a sentence right there is huge). There's some pretty cool art in airports these days and I think it makes having to be in the airport slightly more enjoyable.

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