Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Two-What I Wore

This is a ring my mom gave me that I have been wearing almost every day since 10th grade with the exception of one month during my junior year of college when I lost it between my couch cushions. I found it when I was looking for something else that fell into the cushion abyss known for collecting pennies and I was so excited I started jumping around. My roommates just stared at me.

I don't remember where she got it or why, but I have always really liked it. It's three rings connected, but not merged, so they are free to move around, making them fun to play with. I developed a habit of fidgeting with the rings using my thumb to move them into different formations, stopping when I'm satisfied. I used to wear it on my left ring finger until a couple years ago when someone I worked with told me it looked like a promise ring and that why I was never asked on dates. I switched it over for experimental purposes (of course) and I think he may have been right.

I brought my camera to work with me yesterday to get a picture of what I was wearing during my break but it's kind of hard to use your camera when you leave the battery at home on the charger (FAIL). So, being that I went to yoga before I went home and definitely did not want to hand out any visuals of myself post-workout, I had to think outside the box on this one. In case you are wondering about the surface, it's actually a mouse pad made of a velvety-soft material.

Happy hump day!

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