Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moses & Meredith

Hello and happy hump day! Here are some pictures I took in Michigan of my cousin Tanya's friend and her kids at a park. Tanya asked before our trip if Stephen and I would like to take pictures of them so that is how we met. Meredith was very easy going and gave us a good 30 minutes of happiness and smiles before she called it a day and was done with all the fuss. And her big brother, Moses, was a total ham, which was great!

We said "give her a kiss," not "give her a squish!" (I can make as many bad jokes as I want; it's my blog! And if it were a party, I could cry, too. See, I can keep going and going and going...)

At the end of the shoot, Moses was still rearing to go and, as you can see, rolled himself into a burrito. I don't think this kid has a hard time entertaining himself. It was nice to meet you all and thank you for the great session!