Friday, September 21, 2012

Lovely Lake Michigan

If you have never been to Lake Michigan, pictures cannot do justice to how mighty this looks in person. I look at it and can't believe it's not ocean because that's the only thing I can compare it with. Vast is an understatement. This day was the windiest I have ever seen it there. The sand hurled at my exposed skin, pins and needles all over. I had so much sand in my hair days it was three days until I could scratch my head without feeling and hearing the tiny rocks. We had a glorious swim in the windy waves and picnicked on sandwiches, pumpkin and carrot bread and cheese with crackers. Then we stopped off at grocer's daughter for some delectable chocolate bars and truffles on our way home.

Got left behind hanging out with a monarch for a few minutes.

Searching for treasures.

I asked my grandma to pull over on the way home so I could get these two.


  1. You can recognize beauty for sure

  2. I love the ones of your grandma!

  3. Thanks! Everyone once in a while she is a real ham.