Monday, August 20, 2012

Fruit or Vegetable? I Don't Care

Tomatoes, my second favorite food. One day when I have a backyard I hope to grow some of my own. I say hope mostly because I'm not great at keeping plants alive; I have killed a cactus or three. I'm thinking tomatoes and some other sturdy and relatively independent fruits and vegetables. Any suggestions?

What's my favorite food you ask? You must not know me very well. My favorite food is of course cheese, the greatest animal by-product in existence. If you didn't know that, congratulations, you have done an excellent job and tuning me out for however long we have known each other. I applaud your selective hearing abilities.

I made a couple recipes this weekend that I'm excited to share with you and on Friday I leave for Traverse City, Michigan. Cherry capital of the world, people. The world. And they also have that big ass lake. No big deal.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Weekend

This weekend I went to the gravenstein apple fair with Janet in hot-as-blazes Sebastopol. I wasn't able to watch the whole pie eating contest because everyone looked like they were about to blow chunks and I'm a sympathetic puker, but I'm pretty sure America won. Check out my new friends down below. Happy Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pizza, My Favorite Food Group

I tried out this cherry tomato, bacon and blue cheese pizza from White On Rice Couple and it was super tasty! Of course, no cooking adventure story is complete without me having a blonde moment. This time, I beautifully decorated (probably not the best word choice for pizza-making) the pizza. On the counter. And then realized I couldn't move it. Then I stared at it to see if I will it to move. Nope, no super powers. Then Stephen suggested we fold it, pick it up and unfold it, which worked pretty well but ruined it looks. So I gave it a face lift and put it in the oven. Still tasted great.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in Grilling Peaches

I tried out this grilled peach salad with mint and basil pesto from Love & Lemons and it was super tasty. Just don't be a total ding-dong like me and forget to add the pesto, scarf down the salad and then realize your mistake hours later. The pesto was super tasty so I ended up using it for pasta, but I was still disappointed I didn't get to eat it with the salad. I even sat there eating the salad thinking, "I feel like if there was one more element this would be even better!" DUH, Nicole, that's because it is in fact missing one thing. I digress.

 Poor, neglected pesto.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mandeep's Wedding Day

Here are the last of my pictures from Mandeep's wedding, taken on the day of the ceremony. I had no idea what was going on most of the time or what people were saying, but there were lots of pretty colors. I kid, it was a beautiful ceremony and like nothing I have ever seen before. I don't have any pictures of the ceremony because I was in it and that would have been super awkward of me, but I did sneak some in before and after. Congratulations again to Mandeep and Michael!