Monday, August 20, 2012

Fruit or Vegetable? I Don't Care

Tomatoes, my second favorite food. One day when I have a backyard I hope to grow some of my own. I say hope mostly because I'm not great at keeping plants alive; I have killed a cactus or three. I'm thinking tomatoes and some other sturdy and relatively independent fruits and vegetables. Any suggestions?

What's my favorite food you ask? You must not know me very well. My favorite food is of course cheese, the greatest animal by-product in existence. If you didn't know that, congratulations, you have done an excellent job and tuning me out for however long we have known each other. I applaud your selective hearing abilities.

I made a couple recipes this weekend that I'm excited to share with you and on Friday I leave for Traverse City, Michigan. Cherry capital of the world, people. The world. And they also have that big ass lake. No big deal.

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