Friday, September 2, 2011

Accidental Zoo Encounter...

On this day we went to the Wrigleyville area for lunch and checked out the ball park. Then we took the train to Fullerton and walked down Halsted to Armitage to check out the shopping when we ended up at the zoo. We decided to take a look around (Stephen for the kangaroos and myself for the tigers) and found ourselves mesmerized by the primates and how similar some of their expressions and movements are. 

We almost expected them to say something to us because they were looking right at us. It was like they wanted to tell us something--or better yet, a secret. And probably also because Disney gave us false hopes that animals might break into song and dance at any given moment. Unfortunately, the bear didn't tech me about the bear necessities or the ways of the prickly pear either. Oh, how reality disappoints.


Stephen decided to compare his hand to that of an orangutan. I wouldn't touch it. Germs.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a nice long weekend! I know I'm excited about it.