Monday, July 25, 2011

Photography Bender

I saw this on Pinterest and, thought, what the hell! I honor of my newly defined intention to take more photos I dare myself to complete this challenge creatively. I often lug my camera around all day and end up not taking any photos at all; no more! This, by the way, is no small feat considering the weight of my camera and all the other junk I carry in my purse. To give you a better idea, I recently won second place in a bachelorette party game in which you accrue points for having a ridiculous amount of stuff in your purse. I realize not many people brag about second place place, but I had so many points the host extended a second place prize to me. First place girl was out of control!

It occurred to me that something like this challenge could be helpful in my efforts to take more photos because sometimes a little direction is better than none and you might consider something you hadn't before. Take an extra look around. And it's not like I can't take other photos that strike me. So, here goes nothin! Each day I will post the photo I took the day before and a little bit about the thought process or random right-place-at-the-right-time luck that lead to the photo. Deal? Done.

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  1. Deal! I look forward to seeing these photos.