Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm in Chicago!

Hello lovely people! I have made it safely to Chicago and I have a day 16 photo to share with you but my stinkin hotel does not have any free wi-fi whatsoever (stingy much?) so I will have to use the visitor center in the morning to post. It has been one very long day. We arrived at 5am and took the train downtown.

After underestimating the distance to out hotel we barely dragged ourselves and our luggage there. And after we got breakfast we were able to check in and take naps. Then I went shopping and took pictures. Love Chicago so far but, what's with all the revolving doors?! I almost got stuck in at least three because as soon as I step inside of one I instantly feel powerless for some reason. Like I'll be lucky to just to get out in one piece. Not sure why I get so nervous, but then who can explain their irrational fears?

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