Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Twenty-Two-Hands

My grama drinking her tea after dinner last night. Just got back from the lake and about to get ready to go out to dinner. Sure beats working, I'll tell you that much. Hope you are having a good Tuesday!

Day One: Selfie
Day Two: What I Wore
Day Three: Clouds
Day Four: Something Green
Day Seven: Fruit 
Day Eight: A Bad Habit
Day Nine: Someone You Love
Day Ten: Childhood Memory 
Day Eleven: Something Blue 
Day Twelve: Sunset  
Day Thirteen: Myself with 13 Things
Day Fourteen: Eyes

Day Fifteen: Silouette
Day Sixteen: Long Exposure
Day Seventeen: Technology 
Day Eighteen: My Shoes 
Day Nineteen: Something Orange
Day Twenty: Bokeh

Day Twenty-One: Faceless Portrait

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