Monday, June 18, 2012

Lemon Bars- A Crowd Favorite

 Hello! I had a blast this weekend shooting these lemon bars, a soup from Heidi and an engagement session at a castle in Napa! If you think I'm crazy for baking and making soup in June, you are obviously not familiar with my neighborhood. June is a complete tossup--some days are clear though cool and others are filled with low, rolling fog. This was not the case on Saturday in Napa where it was a generous 107 degrees when we arrived a little before 3. We considered ourselves lucky that it cooled off a couple degrees by the time the lovely couple arrived so they would not melt away before our lenses. More on that later.
My mom used to make these lemon bars and I honestly never thought much of them even though I knew people loved them. It's been years since I've had them and I like them much more now, though they still are not my favorite. When I think dessert, I think chocolate; a good combination of salty and sweet. I made two batches, because I thought I messed up the first and didn't have time to photograph them anyways. The first was a big hit at my aunt's house and the second batch managed to mysteriously disappear from my kitchen in large chunks. People love these things.

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