Friday, June 8, 2012

Time Spent Waiting

It seems like there's always one thing or another holding us back from what we say we will do: time. We don't have the time to work out, eat healthy, cook our own meals, or actually call someone on the phone. But we will never have that time we think we will have after [insert excuse] is over. When I was in school I thought that after graduation I would have so much more time because I wouldn't have classes and journalism assignments at random times of the day. Then I started working full time; not only did I not have the time I thought I would have, I was exhausted when I wasn't at work. Mind you, I sit at a desk all damn day.

I started this blog after much procrastination saying I was waiting until I "had more time." A year ago I sat staring at my first post, palms sweating at the anticipation of the first time I would click "publish." I didn't want to publish anything until I had what all the blogs I liked had. I wanted to be interesting, funny and relevant. I wanted to have a style and a voice. And, yeah, a few followers. But then I realized that the other blog writers had a major advantage over me: time. The time they spent thinking, writing and actually blogging trumped my worried obsession and lack of action. So I hit publish knowing that, much like photography, I would inevitably improve just by doing.

This photo may seem unrelated; Vegas is kind of the opposite of serious realizations about life. I took this photo last weekend from the balcony of our suite at The Cosmopolitan where we were having a bachelorette party for one of my best friends. This trip (and my subsequent recovery) is why, if you asked me, I have not had a chance to post. And yes, I am totally aware of the hypocrisy.

Thank you to all those who have read, are reading and will read this little blog of mine!

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