Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Broccoli Cheddar Soup's Big Sister

Hello, Tuesday. I feel like you snuck up on me prematurely as it was still dark when my alarm went off, which did not help the daily denial period I snooze through convincing myself ten more minutes is all I need. Can't wait to fall back so I have a little more light to get me going in the morning. Here are some pictures I took while making Heidi's Broccoli Cheddar Soup with mustard croutons when I was home sick the weekend before last. I left work early on Friday and was in bed all weekend and by Sunday I couldn't take it anymore--I had to do something productive. Being sick, I was in a soup mood and craving something homey and comforting. 

I went to store to get the ingredients but, disappointingly, they did not have creme fraiche. I was too tired to think much about it so I got everything else and moved on. As it turns out, I did not miss it. This soup is very filling and flavorful and with the aged cheddar it doesn't really need cream. And the mustardy croutons are seriously tasty. I never would have thought to flavor croutons with mustard, but if you're not a soup person, top a salad with some of  these suckers and you won't look back. Pinky promise. I will probably make these again next time I have left over bread from a loaf, I even bought a new jar of whole grain mustard at the grocery store yesterday. I'm that serious.

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