Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Farm

Yeah, it's been a while. Let's skip the excuses. Here are some photos from my first maternity shoot a couple weeks ago with two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They live on a sweet, little farm in Gilroy with a very friendly goat named Bravo, four dogs and nearly fifty chickens. This was super hard to narrow down since we spent a couple hours shooting all over their property, way to be troopers; especially Jaime! Congratulations Jaime and James! And now on to the post with too many pictures courtesy of my indecisive side, which clearly won the battle this time.

Note: Sorry to those of you who are receiving this twice, I meant to publish tomorrow but I accidentally selected last Monday and it posted automatically. I panicked and took it down, and then realized there was no point in doing that. And that I am a spaz.

Time out: Imagine this is your backyard. I know, right!

(talking in Morse code to the baby)

It was a pleasure to shoot with you, two.

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