Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brooklyn The Rockstar

Hello! I know I have been a bit of a stranger around here, I have been super busy. And not in the getting a lot done way, but more in the chicken with my head cut off type of way. November was filled with birthdays, two Thanksgiving celebrations and premature sunsets. I walk out of work and it's completely dark as if the day ended before I even got a chance.

Well, this weekend I did something I have not done for a while: I followed a little one around with my camera. This is Brooklyn. Why do I call her a rock star? Because she likes to stay up all night dancing, playing with toys and otherwise destroying clean rooms-- true story. It was nerve wracking a first because I have been shooting a lot of food, which does not move. And kids, that's pretty much all they do. It's a completely different mind set. With food you can futz around with the light, the angle, the composition until everything is just right. But with people, you have to go with the flow. You have to keep thinking and moving and give direction. You have to anticipate, keep the camera up and ready.

Sometimes you have to run across a field paparazzi-style when the kid sees a dog.

And sometimes, you have to get all up in someone's face. But I'm cool with that.

And sometimes, you even have to resort to bribery; which I'm also cool with. Totally worth it.

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