Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Day in Chicago

Hope everyone is having a nice three-day weekend. I have been on a cooking kick this weekend so photos will not be far behind. I also have to go through my photos from Michigan as well. On Saturday I decided to make this bread found on Heidi's blog 101 Cookbooks. Then I made this lemon and herb chicken from the sophisticated gourmet with his cheese and chive twice baked potatoes. Today I am going to make this pasta salad, also from Heidi, because I have wanted to make it for a while and I am on a roll over here! I even made French toast this morning. No pictures, though. I was too hungry.

These two are from our last day in Chicago as we were leaving the art institute and on our way to Due for another round of deep dish pizza. Stephen bailed on me while I was taking the top picture because the metal walkway was so hot and he couldn't take it so that's why he's so far away from me in the bottom picture. I think he was also irritated because the security guard told him he better not skate the bridge on our way out the door in a really awkward way where we couldn't tell whether he was being serious or not but either way it was condescending and weird.

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  1. I certainly do wish I had been visiting you last weekend. What a feast!