Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Asparagus and the Easily Distracted

Hello! Today definitely feels like a Tuesday. I accidentally/over enthusiastically made Monday harder on myself by scheduling an early 8am dentist appointment because sometimes I trick myself into thinking that I can be a person that early if I try. Well, I was basically asleep when I got there. The dentist even asked me to stop yawning because I was making him tired. Little did he know how lucky he was that my eyes were open.

Here are some shots I took in my kitchen. My desk/dining table has taken on yet another function: studio. Re-purposing is all the rage right now, so in honor of the trend and my huge-desk-small-apartment situation, I've decided I can squeeze in yet another function.

"What does "easily distracted" have to do with this post?!" you say. Calm down and let me tell you: I saw some bundles of skinny asparagus at the store and grabbed a bunch not knowing what I would do with it but knowing that I couldn't pass up good looking produce in my neck of the sunset. Took it home and decided I would make half for dinner and do a photo shoot with the other half. I put the baking half on a rimmed baking sheet, drizzled olive oil and rolled them around so they would all get a nice coat. Then I sprinkled chili flakes, sea salt and some pepper. Parmesan was to follow after they came out of the oven tender but also beautifully browned and crispy.  

However, I was so busy with my photo shoot they came out looking absolutely pathetic and tasting even worse. Seriously some of my worst work, people. Shriveled little oily stalks replaced the colorful firm ones I put in there. I tried to ignore their looks and made myself a plate with some Parmesan, but it was more than I do to eat them. Not even Stephen, who I often refer to at meal time as "the clean-up crew" would eat them. So here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them because this is about the only good thing I can do with asparagus.

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