Friday, July 8, 2011

Strawberry Cream Pie and Blueberry Buckle

I don't know about you, but I have not been able to keep track of what day it is all week. I don't know how one extra weekend day has thrown me off so much, but it has. I had three realizations that it was not Monday on Tuesday. Seriously.

I meant to post the photo reveals of the recipes I made for the Fourth of July this morning but I was so tired last night after two hours of playing soccer--keep in mind that I am not in soccer shape and treadmill running has done me no favors--that it took all my energy to ice my re-injured ankle, shovel some soup in my mouth and get in bed. Excuses, I know. Anyways, here they are! Thank you Natalie for your help and your company!
 First up was a Strawberry Cream Pie via Sweet Fine Day. I came across it on my blog reader one day and pinned it for safe keeping. This would be a great dish for a potluck or something to prepare ahead of time; it was pretty easy and has lasted well, I still have a slice in the fridge. Plus it looks so delicious. Buttery graham cracker crumble crust, glistening strawberries and a whopping layer of billowy whipped cream. I think that last piece is about to disappear.
 The only thing I would change if I make this again is I would make more of the graham cracker mixture for the crust, perhaps 1.5 times what the recipe calls for, as I really had to work it around and would have liked to have more around the outside.

Next up, a Blueberry Buckle recipe from Alton Brown via Brooklyn Limestone. I loved all the blueberries in this recipe and I really like the crusty, buttery clusters that formed on top. And it was moist, which is crucial for baked foods in my book.

 I didn't have a square glass baking pan so I used a glass pie pan instead. I've never cooked with cake flour before but after reading up a little (the side panel of the box, anyways) I think that is what made it come out so fluffy.
 Notice the crusty bits around the edges too, yum.

Happy Friday and I hope you have a good weekend too!


  1. They were both so delicious. My family and I (mainly me) inhaled it when I brought it home.

  2. Those look so scrumptous...and a little healthy, too...I mean with all the fruit.

  3. Wish I had more interest and time to invest in baking! They both look delicious. From the pictures, my favorite would be the blueberry buckle. It wasn't too long ago that I wouldn't eat a blueberry. They have become one of my favorite berries. Now, if you could figure out a way to send the smells along with the pictures, I would be in heaven.

  4. @nattlesnake: I'm glad you took some with you it was way too much to have around here.
    @grama: My thoughts exactly.
    @LSF: I'm currently working on that technology for you. I love blueberries and eat them almost every morning with breakfast :)